Why birds?

Honestly-I don't know.

I could say:

"Because a bird is an archetype.

Prehistoric man already drew birds in their caves.

Birds represent freedom, they don't have any borders.

They are magical because of their ability to fly!

Birds are fragile and powerful at the same time.

Even small birds have the power to fly all the way to Africa.

And their plumage is haute couture by nature."

But the truth is:

"I just love birds!"


Every little bird I make is unique.

It starts with designing a pattern for the birds body.

During the process of making, I explore fabrics, 

silk, wool, yarn, wood, metal wire, clay and stitching.

I use the stitch to finetune the shape of the bird. 

Every embroidery stitch is like a drawing scribble.

This results in birds each with their own character,

happy to fly from my studio to you.

Justien van der Winkel